Specialises in the servicing support and spare parts for casting / material handling equipment and production consumables for aluminium and magnesium casthouse. Offers total solutions incorporating design, manufacture, commissioning and after-sales service.

The company enjoys an enviable reputation for design innovation, efficiency and quality fabrication.



Main Products Are:
Remelt Ingot Casting / Stacking Machine

o.d.t. Engineering’s remelt Ingot Casting and Stacking Facilities offers reliability, repeatability, low maintenance and high output. The fully automated remelt ingot equipment can cast up to 32 tonnes per hour.

Sow Casting & Stacking Equipment

The o.d.t. Sow Casting Machine produces aluminium sow ingots in a range of sizes and can be operated on a continuous or semi-continuous basis. The equipment is designed for automatic operation with minimal operator input required.

Metal Filtration

o.d.t. Engineering is the regional representative for Drache Umwelttechnik, Germany.


o.d.t.Engineering offers a range of production consumables for aluminium casthouse.