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Specialises in the design and supply of casting / material handling equipment and production consumables for aluminium and magnesium casthouse. Offers total solutions incorporating design, manufacture, commissioning and after-sales service.

The company enjoys an enviable reputation for design innovation, efficiency and quality fabrication.


Main Product Groups Are

remelt Ingot Casting / Stacking Machine

Ingot Casting Lines

o.d.t. Engineering’s remelt Ingot Casting and Stacking Facilities offers reliability, repeatability, low maintenance and high output.The fully automated remelt ingot equipment can cast up to 32 tonnes per hour.

Remelt Ingot Mini Caster Lines

Sow Casting & Stacking Equipment

The o.d.t. Sow Casting Machine produces aluminium sow ingots in a range of sizes and can be operated on a continuous or semi-continuous basis. The equipment is designed for automatic operation with minimal operator input required.

Billet Mould Systems

Mini Caster

The low volume mini ingot casting machines are designed for the production of secondary alloy ingots. This ingot casting machine retains the robust and reliable features which is synonymous with o.d.t. Engineering quality standards.

Vertical Casting

Vertical DC Casting Lines

o.d.t. Engineering offers a wide range of vertical direct chill (DC) casting equipment suitable for semi-continuous casting of aluminium extrusion billets, rolling ingots and T-bars.


Filters & Consumables

o.d.t.Engineering offers a range of production consumables for aluminium casthouse.

Magnesium Casting

Magnesium Casting

o.d.t. Engineering is pleased to announce that it has extended its product range to include equipment suitable for the casting of magnesium.

in the design and supply of casting / material handling equipment and production consumables for aluminium and magnesium casthouses.

based in Australia to service aluminium producers in Australia and Asia.

total solutions incorporating design, manufacture, commissioning and after-sales

Since the company’s founding in 1985, o.d.t. Engineering has supplied equipment and services to aluminium and magnesium producers throughout the world. o.d.t. Engineering has long-standing working relationships with many leading aluminium producers in Australia, New Zealand, China, Taiwan, South East Asia, India and Russia, Middle East and southern Africa

The acquisition of a manufacturing company in 1987 enabled o.d.t. Engineering to fully control the quality and ensure prompt delivery of its products. The new company gave o.d.t. Engineering a manufacturing base to complement its design expertise. Further staff recruitment has enhanced the company’s expertise in the design and manufacture of casthouse equipment and services.

o.d.t. Engineering is the regional representative for Drache Umwelttechnik, Germany

o.d.t. Engineering’s vast knowledge and experience of aluminium and magnesium casthouse provides an ability to innovate and to remain at the leading edge of technology. One of the main aspects of the company’s culture is to continually review and improve its products and services.

Irrespective of the size or scope of your casthouses requirement, the solution is available from o.d.t.

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Telephone:    +61 3 9706 4135

Facsimile:      +61 3 9706 4152

Address:         521 Hammond Road,

Dandenong Vic 3175 Australia

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