o.d.t.Engineering offers a range of production consumables for aluminium casthouse. Our products include

Drache Ceramic Foam Filters

Refractory Launder Sections

DBN Boron Nitride Coating

Thermocouple Protection Tubes

Mould Lubricant for Billet and Rolling Ingot Casting

Aluminium Oxide (Al2O3 CFF) filters for casthouse

To fulfill today’s quality demands for aluminium casthouses, a very good clean-ness of the molten is necessary. Even small inclusions may lead to cracks, pinholes or poor surfaces, thus to an increased rejection rate of the final product

Silicon Carbon Filters (Cerasic SiC CFF) for foundry


The basic raw material for Drache’s Cerasic filter is Silicon Carbide. Silicon Carbide offers excellent strength combined with high terminal shock and chemical resistance. Cerasic filters have a temperature resistance up to approx. 1470 ° C. Therefore, they are suitable for all kinds of Copper and Bronze alloys besides Cast Iron.

Zirconia Oxide Filters (Cerazirk ZrO2 CFF) for steel foundry

The basic raw material for Drache’s Cerazirk filter is Zirconium Oxide, ZrO2. Drache uses a partially Mg-Stablized ZrO2 in combination with a Zironium-based binder system. Therefore, Cerazirk Filters have a temperature resistance up to a approx. 1700 °C (3092 °F), very high strength, and excellent thermal shock resistance. The filters are suitable for all kind of Steel Alloys (including stainless steel) as well as Co- and Ni- based alloys

LD filters for aluminium foundry

The Drache Cerapor LD was developed with a special focus on Aluminium foundries. The filter is suitable for sand casting as well as permanent moulds. The use of ceramic foam filters gives two main advantages. First, solid inclusions like oxides or reaction products from the alloying
process are efficiently removed from the melt. Second, the flow of the metal is effectively calmed down, thus the filling of the mould is more homogeneous and less oxides may form inside the mould. Cerapor LD filters are used for high volume Automotive castings as well as individual
general engineering cast parts.