Date:                31 Aug 2018
Subject:            Sale of o.d.t. Technologies to STAS
To:                   Public


o.d.t. Engineering Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the sale of technologies to STAS.

STAS, a world leader, has been providing engineering innovations for thirty (30) years of superior product quality and leading-edge technology in the aluminium industry with its 180 employees and international agents. With this acquisition, customers will benefit greatly from STAS that from henceforth will also provide o.d.t. technologies to complement its mission to provide superior solutions to aluminium producers.

The o.d.t. technologies purchased by STAS include:

  • Ingot casting and stacking for aluminium (ICS) and magnesium (ingot weight range between 6 – 25 kg)
  • Sow casting and stacking (SCS) for all sow ingot weight range including mould, pouring, skimming, and vacuum sow removal.


Existing Customers

o.d.t. Engineering will continue to support its existing customers from now onwards and focus on the following business.

  • Sales of spare parts for existing equipment
  • Repair services for existing equipment
  • Sales of consumables to aluminium casthouses



Existing customers who have purchased o.d.t. Engineering equipment will not be affected by this sale as o.d.t. Engineering will continue to service its existing customers through its sale of spare parts and repairs business. New casting requirement will be available from STAS.

There are no personnel changes and your current contacts remain available.