Billet Mould systems are designed and supplied in AirCAST Air Cushioned Moulds and traditional hot-top moulds for the production of extrusion billet. The o.d.t. AirCAST aluminium billet mould produces extrusion billet that is of high quality both inside and out. o.d.t. Engineering is able to supply a wide range of mould technology systems to suit the casting of aluminium billets, rolling ingots and T-bar.


Key Benefits of AirCAST Mould Systems in VDC

designed and tested using scientific principles for optimum performance

excellent surface quality

segregation zone is minimal

continuous lubrication

no graphite ring required

low operating costs

low maintenance costs

reduced billet cut-off

high flexibility to produce various billet sizes

quick billet size changeover

economical even for small casting stations

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